Representative Experience
    • Representative Experience

      Investment in Prepaid Technologies by Ballast Point Ventures
      Represented Prepaid Technologies in a $5 million Series A Preferred Stock investment from Ballast Point Ventures.

      Investment in Network Medical, Inc., by Noro-Moseley Partners
      Represented Network Medical, Inc., a provider of durable medical equipment ordering and reporting software and services, in its sale of preferred stock to Noro-Moseley Partners, a venture capital firm

      based in Atlanta.

      Represented Aionex, Inc., in capital funding
      Represented Aionex, Inc., a healthcare software and solutions company, in connection with capital funding through issuances of preferred stock.

      Investment by Ballast Point Ventures in TicketBiscuit
      Represented Ballast Point Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Tampa, in its Series A investment in TicketBiscuit and the subsequent sale of TicketBiscuit to eTix.

      Venture capital funding for dedicated allergy, asthma and sinus treatment centers
      Represented a Nashville-based company developing dedicated allergy, asthma and sinus treatment centers across the country in connection with corporate mergers and acquisitions and in connection with venture capital funding.

      Represented Digium, Inc., in $13.8 million stock issuance
      Represented Digium, Inc., an open source telecommunications software and hardware company, in connection with the issuance of $13.8 million of Series A-1 Preferred Stock to Matrix Partners.