False Claims Act: 2023 Year in Review

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Bradley’s Government Enforcement and Investigations Practice Group is pleased to present the False Claims Act: 2023 Year in Review, our annual review of significant False Claims Act (FCA) cases, developments and trends. In 2023, the government and whistleblowers were party to 543 False Claims Act (FCA) settlements and judgments, the highest number of FCA settlements and judgments in a single year. As a result, collections under the FCA exceeded $2.68 billion, confirming that the FCA remains one of the government’s most important tools to root out fraud, safeguard government programs, and ensure that public funds are used appropriately. As in recent years, the healthcare industry was the primary focus of FCA enforcement, with over $1.8 billion recovered from matters involving hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, managed care providers, laboratories, and long-term acute care facilities. Other areas of focus in 2023 were government procurement fraud, pandemic fraud, and enforcement through the government’s new Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative. To keep you apprised of the current enforcement trends and the status of the law, Bradley’s Government Enforcement and Investigations Practice Group is pleased to present the False Claims Act: 2023 Year in Review, our 12th annual review of significant FCA cases, developments and trends.

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