J. Christopher Selman

Legal Assistant
Africa Rox
P: 205.521.8099 arox@bradley.com

Christopher Selman is a litigator, representing clients in a variety of industries, such as construction, government contracting, energy, and real estate. 

Christopher’s construction practice involves the representation of owners, EPC contractors, general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in a variety of issues and projects, both public and private. Christopher has experience managing construction disputes across the United States and abroad, including Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, the Republic of Panama, Turkey, and the Dominican Republic. His experience includes prosecuting and defending delay, extra work, impact, and inefficiency claims on public and private jobs. He has experience with federal government contracting and preparing and prosecuting large claims against multiple government agencies and departments, including the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Army Corps of Engineers.

He also has experience advising and managing large commercial project disputes, particularly in the power-generation industry. Christopher has represented several international power plant owners in a variety of claims, including claims related to the construction of the facility, contract interpretations, maintenance disputes and power outages.

Christopher devotes a portion of his practice to contract review, drafting and negotiation; contract and claims administration; and lien and bond law issues.

He also has a diverse general litigation practice, primarily involving real estate disputes. He has also handled mass tort product-liability actions and disputes involving trade secrets. Christopher has experience representing small family-owned businesses as well as large publicly traded companies.