J. Christopher Selman

Legal Assistant
Africa Rox
P: 205.521.8099 arox@bradley.com
Representative Experience
  • Construction and Government Contracts
    • Represented general contractor in connection with contract administration matters, claims and litigation arising out of the construction of the new Orlando VA Medical Center. The facility included two million square feet of ambulatory care, medical clinic, hospital, atrium and mechanical space, with an original contract value of approximately $260 million. Advised our client in regard to numerous hostile actions taken by the owner, and successfully prosecuted multiple claims, resulting in non-monetary discovery sanctions against the government and the recovery of nearly $215 million in damages, 970 calendar days of compensable time extensions, and relief from liquidated damages and withholdings. The construction project and claims garnered substantial media and congressional attention involving multiple hearings before Congress in which representatives from the client and the Department of Veterans Affairs provided testimony. (Brasfield & Gorrie vs. United States Department of Veterans Affairs; CBCA Nos. 3300, 3354, 3538, 3849, 4619, 4778, 4808 and 4809; June and July 2015) 

      Advised general contractor involving disputes with the Department of Veterans Affairs and subcontractors arising out of the construction of North Las Vegas VA hospital.

      Advised joint venture general contractor involving disputes with NAVFAC arising out of the construction of the Ambulatory Care Center and Dental Clinic at Joint Base Andrews Naval Air Facility Washington.

      Represented contractor in connection with claims in excess of $1.5 million involving the construction of an industrial facility in Alabama.

      Successfully represented heavy equipment dealer against insurance company for the full recovery for damages to equipment during transportation.

      Advised owners and general contractors in drafting and negotiation of various construction-related contracts.

  • Energy
    • Represented power plant owner in ICC arbitration in connection with the collapse of a pressure tunnel supplying water to a hydro-electric facility in the Republic of Panama. Claims by the owner against the EPC contractor exceeded $350 million. Representation also included litigation in Panama and litigation in the United Kingdom.

      Represented power plant owner in the review and interpretation of EPC contract and assisted client with $20+ million dispute related to power outages and damages in gas powered turbines in power plant located in Turkey.

      Represented power plant owner involving $5+ million dispute related to forced power outages and maintenance work on combustion turbine located in the Dominican Republic.