Anyone, from individuals to governments, small businesses to large corporations, can fall victim to fraud. Recovering assets from perpetrators of fraud requires speed, jurisdictional proficiency, resourcefulness, and doggedness. Bradley’s Fraud and Asset Recovery team employs ingenuity, knowledge of national and international legal systems, and the leading forensics technology and techniques to recoup and recover misappropriated assets as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Our attorneys work swiftly to secure prejudgment remedies, freeze assets, and uncover hidden spoils of perpetrators. On behalf of victims of fraud, our team works with investigators and forensics experts in the United States and abroad to trace and recover assets wherever perpetrators cache them, and to penetrate whatever artifices perpetrators utilize to attempt to shield assets from victims, including trusts, offshore financial accounts, and alter ego entities. Additionally, our Fraud and Asset Recovery team vigorously pursues claims against third parties who help fraudsters conceal assets from victims, including professional advisors, co-conspirators and fraudulent transferees.