A court judgment or arbitration award does not always close a case for individuals, companies, and governments seeking justice. Bradley’s attorneys are experienced at enforcing large judgments and awards entered in the U.S. and abroad, including cross-border enforcement. We are knowledgeable and skilled at utilizing post-judgment discovery and other methods to identify and trace assets and enforcement remedies – such as writs of execution, asset freeze and sequestration orders, garnishments, sheriff’s sales, veil piercing and alter ego claims, and receiverships – to successfully obtain recoveries.

We vigorously pursue claims against individuals and entities who receive voidable transfers of judgment-debtor assets or who otherwise hold assets for the benefit of the debtor. A cottage industry has cropped up to help debtors hide assets. When appropriate, our collection strategies include the evaluation and assertion of claims against professional advisors and other third parties who culpably advise or assist debtors to hinder, delay or defraud their creditors. Our attorneys possess creativity, knowledge, and exhaustive thoroughness to ensure clients receive justice.