False Claims Act: 2017 Year in Review

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Bradley’s Government Enforcement and Investigations practice group is pleased to present the 2017 False Claims Act Year in Review, our annual review of significant False Claims Act (FCA) cases, developments, and trends. The Review has grown each year as FCA enforcement has continued to grow, and this year is no different. Enforcement continues to focus on the healthcare industry, while government contractors, the financial-service sector, and myriad other industries likewise faced scrutiny. We cover these industry trends and the major developments in FCA jurisprudence last year, from the lower courts’ application of Escobar to significant new cases involving implied false certification, the knowingly standard, public disclosure, damage calculations, and many other issues. In addition to our expanded content, readers will also find the Review has a new look and improved functionality, allowing it to be an easy-to-read printed resource as well as a convenient and searchable digital tool.