Representative Experience
  • Government Contracting
    • Represented two construction firms in separate civil False Claims Act investigations premised on alleged Davis-Bacon Act violations.

      Represented the CEO of a technology company in a U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) criminal investigation into alleged government contracting and tax fraud.

      Represented a former company executive in a DOJ international procurement fraud and bribery investigation.

      Represented multiple government contractors in suspension and debarment proceedings.

  • Healthcare
    • Conducted an internal investigation on behalf of a hospital into allegations of malfeasance by C-suite officers.

      Represented the former CFO of a healthcare firm in a DOJ civil False Claims Act investigation.

      Provided recurring advice to a hospital client on compliance and subpoena issues.

      Represented a physician charged criminally for professional malfeasance.

  • Financial Services
    • Represented a mortgage servicing and banking client and its affiliated companies in an investigation and eventual settlement of claims that the client's mortgage modification practices violated a Massachusetts foreclosure law; responded to investigatory subpoenas from the Massachusetts Attorney General and negotiated favorable settlement terms, resulting in the entry of an Assurance of Discontinuance.
  • Money Laundering
    • Represented a former cabinet minister in a DOJ international money laundering investigation.

      Represented individuals in a DOJ international money laundering and bribery investigation.

  • Export Controls
    • Represented a company owner post-indictment in a criminal case and obtained dismissal of all charged export violation counts.

      Represented a company in connection with DOJ investigation into violation of export control laws.  

  • Antitrust
    • Represented a large international manufacturing company in a DOJ criminal antitrust investigation.

      Represented a former company president in a DOJ criminal antitrust investigation.

  • Securities
    • Represented a former company president in parallel DOJ and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations into alleged accounting and securities fraud.

      Represented a former executive of a multinational technology company in connection with an SEC investigation into potential securities laws violations.

  • Educational Institutions
    • Conducted internal investigations on behalf of educational institution clients confronted with allegations of sexual misconduct by faculty or staff.
  • Public Corruption Investigations
    • Represented an elected official in a DOJ campaign finance investigation.

      Represented a former executive in a DOJ obstruction-of-Congress investigation.

      Represented an Internal Revenue Service supervisor in Congressional investigations.

  • Environmental
    • Represented an executive in parallel DOJ and state investigations into alleged violations of environmental laws.

  • Internal Investigations
    • Conducted internal investigations on behalf of clients in the healthcare, government contracting, and education sectors.

  • D.C. Superior Court Practice
    • Represented companies and entities in commercial disputes and in defending against tort actions.

      Represented individuals charged with crimes under the District of Columbia Code.

  • Appellate
    • Represented financial services, technology, and healthcare clients in civil appeals.

      Represented pro bono on direct appeal an indigent client serving a life sentence in a criminal case.