Austin L. McMullen

Legal Assistant
Diane Abbott
P: 615.252.3801

A wide variety of businesses in the hospitality and alcoholic beverage industry rely on Austin McMullen for beverage licensing and regulatory compliance counsel. His clients include restaurants, hotels, clubs, craft breweries and distilleries of all sizes, from national chains to locally owned businesses. Austin works with these clients through the entire permitting process. He structures transactions, conducts due diligence, completes the application process and obtains issuance of licenses.

Bradley’s extensive geographic base enables Austin to close multi-state deals and obtain licensing across many jurisdictions. He uses his deep relationships and experience to assess transactions and quickly obtain licensing for clients.

Austin regularly works with federal, state and local regulatory agencies and taxing authorities to ensure clients comply with legal requirements. He also works with clients to renew licenses and defend against alcoholic beverage allegations and citations as part of the enforcement process. His practice also includes assisting clients to review advertising for compliance with applicable laws.

Austin has extensive government affairs experience. As a current government official who has served in a variety of agencies and positions, Austin has a unique perspective from which to counsel his clients on matters involving governmental relations. His in-depth, firsthand knowledge of improving governmental policies for the betterment of the citizenry directly informs his ability to effectively mitigate risks for his legal clients. These valuable insights also allow him to assist clients dealing with governmental policy issues and regulatory agency filings and appearances.