Jake Neu advises clients on the development, protection, and enforcement of matters involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets in a number of industries, including retail consumer products, technology, equipment, industrial products, and more. With this broad background, Jake acts as outside IP general counsel for a number of his clients who do not have an in-house IP counsel. For those with IP counsel, Jake advises on the latest strategies for protecting and commercializing a company’s IP.

Relying on his mechanical engineering background, Jake has successfully drafted and prosecuted patents on matters including sporting goods, agricultural devices, consumer laser and lighting devices, devices based on fluid flow and mechanics, and software, while also providing counseling and advice on patentability, infringement review, and competitor analysis. He also conducts trademark clearance searches, prosecutes trademarks, monitors client trademark portfolios, and assists with trademark enforcement. In addition, Jake has broad experience crafting licenses for technology, patents, trademarks, and software for companies ranging from technology startups to large retail product manufacturers.

In addition to his counseling and prosecution work, Jake has significant experience in several patent infringement cases, working with litigation teams to both enforce patents and defend against patent infringement. His primary role in patent litigation is to advise clients regarding the scope of patent claims, conduct infringement and invalidity reviews, prepare associated contentions, and participate in claim construction briefing and hearings for defining claim terms.