Bradley prides itself on leading the vanguard in helping clients adopt and adapt to the latest technologies. Blockchain is poised to become an integral force, not just in finance and transaction verification, but in security, privacy, identity verification, healthcare, cloud storage, intellectual property, and more. Bradley’s Blockchain and Digital Assets team helps clients understand blockchain and how it will play an integral role in the future of doing business.

Bradley’s team of seasoned attorneys draw on substantive backgrounds in financial services, payment systems, taxation, corporate law, insurance, litigation, regulatory enforcement, anti-money laundering regulations, bankruptcy, data security, healthcare, and the cutting-edge areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and smart contracts.

Bradley assists blockchain and digital asset companies with launching and expanding products and services, including automation, business formation, financing and capital formation, the establishment of exchanges, domain name management, advertising and marketing, licensing, novel technology, and regulatory compliance.

Our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys also help existing companies integrate blockchain into their existing business practices and products, while ensuring compliance in a highly scrutinized and rapidly evolving regulatory environment.

Blockchain is not just crytocurrency. Blockchain technology stands to revolutionize and streamline vital operations in healthcare, insurance, real estate, transportation, manufacturing and supply chain management, energy, entertainment, retail, and beyond. With skilled attorneys representing clients in an array of industries, Bradley is uniquely positioned to help companies integrate blockchain into their businesses, assisting with licensing, structuring products, forming relationships, contracting, regulatory compliance, and legal protocols.

Bradley’s Blockchain and Digital Assets team assists with a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Securities
  • Healthcare
  • Vendor contracts
  • Corporate
  • Payments
  • Identification
  • Litigation (criminal and civil)
  • Banking and financial services
  • Real estate
  • Structured financing
  • Supply chain management